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Sale! - SweatStop® Sock-in-Sock With Silver Against Sweaty Feet

Double-layer functional socks that effectively prevent foot sweat. With antibacterial SILVERPLUS® silver ion technology against odor development.

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Remaining Stock - SALE! New goods without original packaging

Remaining Stock - SALE! New goods without original packaging

SweatStop® Sock-in-Sock - functional double sock against hyperhidrosis on the feet

SweatStop® Sock-in-Sock are special functional double-socks that, thanks to their double-layered design, effectively tackle foot sweat. The foot stays dry because moisture is transported between the two layers. The moisture is always transferred from the inner to the outer layer, from where it continues to be transported outside. The layer between the inner and outer socks acts like an insulator and also protects against cold in winter and overheating in summer. The functional socks help with increased to very strong perspiration and can be used for hyperhidrosis on the feet. Ideal for use against sweaty feet.

SweatStop® Sock-in-Sock - effectively prevent odors on the feet

In order to counteract the smell that arises, the double socks are equipped with SILVERPLUS® silver ion technology: thanks to the triple action mechanism of SILVERPLUS®, many odor-causing bacteria cannot adapt to the action of the silver ions. The antimicrobial effect of the naturally occurring element silver is based exclusively on free silver ions. Silver ions with a positive charge are bacteriostatic thanks to a triple action mechanism.

SweatStop® Sock-in-Sock - functional double sock prevent blistering

The double sock setup reliably prevents friction on the feet when running, since this takes place between the two socks and not on the skin of the feet. SweatStop® Sock-in-Sock also protects against blistering. The slipping of the two layers is prevented by a flat hand-linked seam in the toe area, in the remaining area both sock layers are seamlessly knitted by a special technique, no pressing or application!

SweatStop® Sock-in-Sock with thermal function

SweatStop® Sock-in-Sock have a climate-regulating and insulating function: Due to their double layer, the layer between the inner and outer layer acts like an insulator: In summer, the thermal layer socks protect against overheating, in winter they have an insulating effect thanks to the "onion principle" down to minus 15 ° C and effectively protect against the cold.

Composition of SweatStop® Sock-in-Sock

Inner sock (inner layer, directly on the skin)
  • Breathable, climate regulating and tight fitting directly on the skin
  • Inner sock ensures the highest possible moisture and cold absorption, which is immediately transported to the layer above (outer sock)
  • The skin remains dry and the foot can be kept warm much longer by the body's own heat
Outer sock (outer layer)
  • Insulation layer that is also breathable, climate regulating and close fitting to ensure the optimal thermal properties
  • This second layer is connected to the fine inner sock with a hand-linked seam, so that nothing can slip and a comfortable fit is guaranteed

The advantages at a glance

  • effectively prevents moisture on the feet, for use against foot sweat and wet feet
  • no odor development thanks to SILVERPLUS® silver ion technology; permanent antibacterial equipment
  • no friction on the skin
  • no blistering
  • climate regulating and insulating
  • wearable in every shoe

Use of SweatStop® Sock-in-Sock against foot sweat and sweaty feet

SweatStop® sock-in-socks are finely crafted like a normal sock. They can be worn in normal shoes and boots, loafers and sports shoes without being constricting. Also highly recommended for sporting activities in hiking and skiing shoes, as the socks have a particularly good thermal insulation effect and keep the foot dry and warm. In addition, these socks reliably protect against blisters and friction! 

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