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RaLife® Milk Against Inflamed Skin (Large Area) in Cancer Therapy

The milk can be gently applied and massaged onto the affected area of the skin. The milk can also be used to clean very sensitive skin or mucous membranes.

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Remedy for skin problems during and after chemotherapy or radiation therapy

The skin reacts with inflammation to damage or irritation. This can be triggered by mechanical, chemical or thermal stimuli and radiation exposure.

Since the natural protective mechanisms of the skin are often inadequate for these stress factors, symptoms such as redness, itching and dehydration can occur. Optimal treatment is often not possible due to these side effects because cancer therapy has to be interrupted or the dosage reduced.

To counteract this, preventive measures such as treatment with RaLife® are to be recommended. The calming and anti-inflammatory properties of RaLife® are based on the combination of active ingredients from F.A.G.®, which can minimize inflammatory reactions of the skin.

  • Area of application RaLife® Cream: skin, nose, face, with local inflammation on the skin
  • Area of application RaLife® Milk: Larger skin areas and for cleaning

RaLife® milk can thus reduce the risk of skin damage due to radiation or chemotherapy.

✓ Cortisone free 

✓ hormone-free


Medical device, available without prescription

Use of RaLife® milk

In case of skin damage, it is recommended to apply RaLife® milk. The milk should be gently applied to the affected skin area and massaged in as needed or 4 times a day until it is absorbed. 

Before applying, please make sure that the skin surface is clean and is not mechanically stressed or irritated after applying the cream. 

RaLife® milk can also be used to gently clean sensitive and sensitive skin.

Ingredients of RaLife® milk

Wasser, Cetearyl, Olivat, Glycerin, Sojabohnenöl, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus Saatgut Öl, Glycerylstearate, Folsäure, PPG-25-LAURETH-25, F.A.G.® (Stearinsäure, Ölsäure, Palmitinsäure, Linolsäure, Azelainsäure), N-(2-Hydroxyethyl) Hexadecanamid (PEA), Natriumsulfat, Ceterayl, Parfum, Tocopherylacetat, Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Natriumhyaluronat, Ammonium Glycyrrhizat, Imidiazolidinylharnstoff, Dinatrium EDTA, Natriumbenzoat, Natriumdehydroacetat, Ethyllinoleat, Triacetin, Ethyllavanillin, Lezithin, Ascorbylpalmitat, Milchsäure.