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Micellar Water Makeup Remover by Galenia Skin Care® for Sensitive Skin

Galenia® Skin Care Micellar Water Make-up Removal Solution is recommended to prevent irritation using soothing and softening properties for sensitive skin

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Volume: 10 x 5ml
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Galenia® Micellar Water Eye Make-up Removal

Galenia® Skin Care Micellar Water removes make-up from face and eyes protecting and respecting the balance of the skin's natural hydrolipid layer. It is formulated for even the most sensitive skin: It gently cleanses and easily removes make-up from eyes and face without irritation of sensitive and intolerant skin. Daily usage is recommended for all skin types including those who wear contact lens.

Based on tilia extract, this solution is very soothing and leaves skin with a soft sensation.

  • 10 single-dose vials 5 ml 
  • Physiological pH 
  • With tilia extract
  • Fragrance, paraben and SLS free
  • No rinse formula

Use of Galenia® Micellar Water Eye Make-up Removal

Open a single-dose phial and put this solution on a cotton pad or disc pad for removing make-up; apply on face and delicately remove make-up. It is not necessary to be rinsed off. After usage, close phial, inserting cap into the opening. Each phial may be used 2-3 times. Convenient packaging for travel.

Ingredients of Galenia® Micellar Water Eye Make-up Removal

Subject Area
Sensititive Make-up
Dosage Form