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Galenia® Skin Care Microcirculation Anti-Tiredness & Swollen Leg Gel

Galenia® Microcirculation Leg Gel offers a concentrated and complete microcirculation formula with active principles, diosmin, rutin and hesperidin, which are known for their pronounced phlebotonic, venotropic, draining, and anti-reactive properties.

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Galenia® Skin Care FLEBION Microcirculation Leg Gel

Regular usage gives refreshing relief for microcirculation problems, prevents swollen ankles and legs, and is effective in overcoming the uncomfortable sensation of heaviness and tiredness in the lower limbs.

This product also improves capillary tone and visibly reduces telangiectasia. Leucocyanidin of vitis vinifera extract reduces vascular permeability and protects the endothelium of the surface venules to improve elasticity. By increasing the collagen content and hyaluronic acid of the vein wall, this helps prevent the vein wall from breaking.

Owing to its great moisturizing action, it protects dry and cracked areas, soothes and refreshes the skin while making it softer and more elastic.

Use of Galenia® Skin Care FLEBION Microcirculation Leg Gel

  • Clean with delicate cleanser (Galenia® Skin Care Soothing Cleansing Oil).
  • Apply a small quantity of this gel to the areas of interest and massage gently from the ankles upwards until it has been completely absorbed.
  • Repeat once or twice a day until there is an improvement.

Ingredients of Galenia® Skin Care FLEBION Microcirculation Leg Gel

  • Phlebotonic synergy - Diosmin 1% (antiphlogistic), Hesperidin (phlebotonic), Rutin (draining), Escin, Ruscus extract 1%, Vitis Vinifera extract 1%, Hippocastanum extract 1%
  • Moisturizing & Protective - Sodium PCA 2%, Glycerin 5%, Shea butter, Olive oil extract

When to be recommended

Galenia® Skin Care Microcirculation Leg Gel is advised for the treatment of swollenness, heaviness, and venous stasis in the lower limbs offering draining, phlebotonic, and hydrating properties. It may also be used as a treatment against couperose and telangiectasia.
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